A modern food business within a global organisation identified that they needed a longer-term view of their production facility. To facilitate this VFECTO exposed the senior leadership team to strategic & operational planning.

A critical output from this process is the creation of objectives for both the long and short-term which cascade from the new vision, mission and supporting values.

The challenge was to support a management team which had recently formed under a new GM. The team was a mixture of people from outside and inside the industry. Overall the team were new to the planning process and direct intervention was required to link many of the aspects that are encountered when dealing with strategic analysis, choice, and implementation.


Using a standard planning approach and a suite of tools & techniques:

  • We reviewed the environment that the food company will encounter over the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Gathered current information on different aspects of the business and synthesised for common understanding.
  • Defined and agreed on a direction for the company.
  • Reviewed current business processes and best practice to expose gaps, set strategic and annual objectives.
  • Applied structured processes to agree how the company will change and what behavior is appropriate to support engagement during the change.


The success of the project was VFECTO’s ability to engage the management team in a structured process and identify key people to support the multiple events and actions necessary to interpret the environment and generate short and long-term objectives.

The process will generate new language for the business and VFECTO maintains a practical approach to managing this. Throughout all workshops and sessions, people are coached for understanding and application.


Over a 12 week period, the senior leadership team analysed the environment that impacted its future and defined the direction and objectives that would increase its revenue by 25% and profitability by 50%.

At a strategic level, 12 off key objectives were established around people, customers, processes and profit. These were then cascaded to annual objectives for all functions to align with the start of the new financial year.

At all times the team challenged themselves with how well the objectives would engage people, deliver robust processes and support continuous improvement

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