A global company within the Engineering processing industry with an extensive and geographically spread engineering pool.

Historically the business had evolved with three engineering centres of excellence in Europe, but many smaller sales offices had added engineering resource to their teams in order to handle all but the largest of projects locally.

The challenge for them as a business was to centralise more of their engineering, particularly on larger projects, in order to achieve better efficiencies, eliminate risk, and achieve more standardisation of solutions.

The senior management team had made a decision as part of the overall strategic plan to consolidate engineering efforts in a ‘lower’ cost region, and it was from this point that we were asked to come in and support.


After taking the management team through the decision-making process to decide on the critical issue of the location of the new centre, we then set about the following:

  • Headcount reduction in UK, Spain and Germany
  • Identification of suitable recruitment partner
  • Recruitment of 44 engineers in the Czech Republic
  • Co-ordinated major re-structuring work on a 1228sq metre building, installed a full IT system, project rooms, training facilities and all new office furniture
  • Development of a six-week intensive training plan
  • Implementation of a standardisation roadmap (tools, process and Designs)
  • Work transfer management
  • Implementation of physical and Virtual project management and engineering Control room meetings to drive better working practices between smaller sales offices and engineering centres


A significant headcount reduction in the UK, Spain and Germany, coupled with the establishment of a new engineering centre in Brno, in the Czech Republic.

Once we designed and agreed on the overall strategy with the client, the next phase was hands-on project management using standard tools and techniques, as well as the formulation of a standardisation roadmap which did not only aid the project but set in place a five-year standardisation strategy for the company.


The project, despite starting two months late was delivered on time and under budget with all 44 intended employees in place and trained. Headcount reduction was achieved and work transferred with new standardisation and communications processes in place driving better working practices across the group.

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